Phillip Mardis

Full Stack software developer

About me

Hi, I'm Phillip, a newly established full stack developer who is creative, motivated, and ready to integrate into a team of like-minded developers and engineers. I consider myself to be a people person who thrives in a group setting and always loves a challenge. I possess an uncommonly strong work ethic and I believe in adhering to the guidelines set forth by the company that I'm working for. I'm most comfortable in a professional setting where perceptions, reputations and standards matter.

My core competencies include delivering high-performance, low-cost back end solutions for browser, server, and database as well as designing creative, dynamic, and easy to use front end UIs to create effortless and memorable end user experiences. I'm fluent in Python and Javascript(back end), and more than competent using Java, as well as, very comfortable working with the Django Stack. I'm also adept at using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript(front end) along with Bootstrap plus newer, more flexible, unstyled component libraries like Reach and Headless to create seamless integration of elements while maintaining functionality and accessability.

Along with my diverse and ever-expanding software development skills, I study the principles and methodologies of project management, which I've utilized to become a better, more productive team member, with one of my key strengths being communication, both verbal and written. I'm comfortable working inside different project organizational structures, with a big emphasis on the Agile framework and Scrum implementation. I'm flexible and adaptable, and I learn quickly, enabling me to shift into a variety of roles to suit the ever-changing needs of a project.

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Rick and Morty Escape Room(Python)
BCCA GI Budget Tracker(Python)

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